You’re a Slave

You think you’re free because you don’t see any metal bars trapping you in. You’re a slave. You think you’re free because you don’t have any handcuffs and can do as you please. You’re a slave. You think you’re free because the law says so. Ha. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Ha-ha. But you’re still a slave.

You’re a slave to your desires.

You’re a slave to your past.

You’re a slave to your fears.

You’re a slave to your worries.

You’re a slave to your thoughts.

You’re a slave to your possessions.

Who needs a cell or handcuffs when you’re a slave on your own accord. Who needs a whip when you submit willingly. Good slave…What a good slave.

You don’t need a cold cell to cage you in. The bars that trap you are in your mind. The chains that bind you are all in your head. And YOU put them there. Blame your parents. Blame the government. Blame society. Blame whoever you want. But at the end of the day, it’s all on YOU.

YOU whip yourself. YOU beat yourself up to work harder. To do what you’re supposed to do. To do what is expected of you. What a joke.

You work to buy things you don’t need. You do things to impress people whose opinions of you don’t mean a damn. You enslaved YOURSELF and in doing so are robbing yourself of the only things on Earth you can never get back. THE THINGS THAT CONSTRUE LIFE ITSELF. Your time. Your energy. Your attention. THAT’S YOUR LIFE!

Are you living your life by choice? Who are you living for? Who’s running the show? You? Or others? You? Or your fears and desires?

Go ahead. Lie to me. Tell me I’m crazy. Tell me you’re in control and free. But you’re a slave. And you do it to yourself.

For what?

  • You say you can’t.
  • You say you need this.
  • You need that.
  • You say you have to do this.
  • That you have to do that.

Who’s making you? Come on. Let it out…tell me. WHO’S MAKING YOU?  


Don’t you get it? Don’t you see that you don’t have to do anything? Don’t you see that you need nothing? Don’t you see that you aren’t living life because you’ve become a slave to your own self? To your mind and its games? Enslaved by the ego…its insatiable desires. It’s thirst for acceptance. Pleasure. Control. Don’t you see that you’re wasting it? All for nothing? All for illusions and smoke? You’re alive but you’re not living. You owe yourself better than this.

You can wake up and do whatever the fuck you want. That’s the beauty of life. You can start an empire. You can cure cancer. You can massacre a village. You can put a bullet to your brain and never wake up again. Save the “have to”s. Spare me the “I can’ts” or the “I gottas”. I don’t wanna hear it anymore.

You were free once. You were born free. A blank slate. But little by little you lost that freedom. Little by little you lost touch of the power within you. The world filled your precious little head with all of those beliefs…it hit you with it’s big fists…and you didn’t know any better.

But now you do.

Reclaim the throne of your life, King. You are The Observer. You are in the driver’s seat. You are free and always have been. Always will be.

Be free.

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