What Cell from Dragon Ball Z Can Teach You About Success

Who says you can’t learn from cartoons? You can learn from anything if you keep an open mind. Dragonball Z was a favorite TV show of mine growing up, and for those of you aware out there, Cell was one of the major villains the Z fighters had to face. What can Cell from DBZ teach you about success and being awesome in life? Read on and find out.

Who was Cell?

cell dbz success dragon ball z sucess

Remember this mofo?

Cell was the brainchild of the evil mastermind, Dr. Gero. The infamous Gero created many androids, but Cell was a bit different…It was a genetic composite of several characters in the Dragon Ball Z Universe and evolved and passed through various forms, acquiring newfound strength and abilities in the process.

  • He could Special Beam Cannon like Piccolo and regenerate due to Piccolo’s Namekian ability to regenerate.
  • He could instant transmission and unleash Kamehameha waves like Goku.
  • He got stronger after severe injuries and had personality traits of the Saiyans.
  • He could fly and blast ki like the other Z fighters.
  • He has physical characteristics from Frieza and passes through various forms.
  • He also could Death Beam it up like Frieza as well.
  • He solar flare like Tien.
  • He could Destructo Disc like Krillin and Galick Gun like Vegeta
  • and much, much more

For the full scoop, hear it from Mr. Cell himself:

As you may have guessed, Cell was vastly more powerful than any of these individuals on their own. That’s why he was such a formidable opponent and took a seriously pissed off Gohan who had reached the previously inconceivable Super Saiyan 2 status to defeat him. Cell was the ultimate fighter because he was a composite of SEVERAL great fighters.

They couldn’t figure out how to beat him because he was literally using their own attacks against them! – a major power move with more far-reaching ramifications, I might add. 😉

What does this all have to do with making you a better you? Simple. Take Cell’s example and apply it to your own life!

Learn from Cell and Make Yourself the Perfect Warrior

Who are your idols that you look up to? Who do you want to be? You can model aspects and mix and match things just like Dr. Gero did when creating Cell from those you wish to emulate to make yourself into who YOU want to be and get that success that you so desire.

The 2 best ways that you can do this would be:

1. Get up close and personal with them as often as possible

If you want to be rich, go where the rich people go. If you want to have a great physique, go to where the aestheticals congregate. If you want to be a good football player, doctor, musician, anything at all, go to where those people go and soak it all up. Be a secondhand success sponge.

  • Observe.
  • See how they move, how they talk, what they do.
  • Interact with them.
  • Study them.
  • Get advice.
  • Just BE there and you will catch something. Guaranteed. Success and the energy that leads to it is contagious.

Who you surround yourself with is an integral part of life success, and there’s nothing like learning from the best and other like-minded individuals with the same aspirations as you. This is also going to build your support, motivation, and long lasting bonds that will help propel your success now and for time to come.

For ideas on how this goes down:

  • form a mastermind group
  • go to conferences
  • go to mixers
  • network
  • find mentors
  • utilize online groups and communities
  • make your casual chill spots places where others of your mindset congregate.
cell success

their success was no accident.

You got it.

2. Learn from their example through books, movies, etc.

What if who you want to be existed at a different time in history or isn’t accessible to you? Easy. Learn through media – accessible anytime, anywhere. We live in a world where information is abundant and easily accessible. You have no excuse.

  • Read/watch biographies – if it’s an autobiography, !!!JACKPOT!!!. Here’s one of my favorites.
  • Dive through articles
  • Study their interviews
  • Observe their pictures or video clips – gain body language & demeanor hacks.

You will see their story, their actions, their behavior, their thoughts, and be able to see what they were like and what led them to become who you now idolize. This is also applicable to fictional characters. They don’t have to be real to learn from them. Dragonball Z isn’t real life, now is it?

Mix and Match

No one says you have to be a carbon copy or stick to one area. Cell didn’t. Neither do you. Mix and match components of the various people you wish to emulate. Get creative with it.

  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Leadership
  • Hairstyles
  • Accessories
  • Speech
  • Skills

and whatever else you can think up. Be like Arnold, Vegeta, Batman, Wolverine, your fav President, your fav singer, whoever from whatever time period – real or make believe.

Do it all, do just a few, do it a lot, or do it a little. It’s all up to you. You’re the architect of your own life. That’s the main message here at Cave to King. Optimizing your life as a function of SEVERAL areas. We are not one dimensional, and to live the best life, you’ve got to work on many.

Cell had to evolve, and so do you

Let’s not forget that while Cell can teach you a lot about success by virtue of his genetic mix-match example, he’s also delivering the goods by demonstrating that even when you are a perfect genetic specimen, you still have room to grow.

Cell started off as a…wait for it…cell (!!!) and then gradually began his ascension to the throne of the baddest Dragon Ball villains.

cell dbz success

He went from Imperfect Cell to Cell V2 to finally the Perfect Cell that brought about one of the best fights seen in anime.

So even when you make yourself into that perfect warrior, don’t forget that there’s always room to grow. In the words of Frieza, “this isn’t even my final form!”.

Unleash Your Cell Jr. Squad

dragonball z success cell

Once you get into Perfect Cell mode, you have the ability to launch off Cell Jrs. In the series, Perfect Cell launched off little blue versions of himself to do his bidding and take on the other opponents so that Cell could better focus on the task at hand.

Even though they were little mini-me versions, they were still incredibly powerful and had the same powers as Cell. Despite their tiny size, they gave the Z fighters hell.

Learn from Cell Jr too. In a position of power, this shows you to :

Influence, arm, and delegate.

Look at all of the major movements that have ever taken place. They weren’t simply the result of one person acting alone. They are the cumulative efforts of large masses of people spearheaded by champions.

  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Woman’s Suffrage
  • Wars
  • Revolutions

Once you are at that level, spread your mission and lift others up so that they can go out there and fight for the same cause as well. MLK, Ghandi, and the great military and political leaders of past and present have and continue to do this.

The Take Home Lesson From Cell from DBZ

We’ve talked a lot about what Cell from Dragonball Z can teach you about success so far, but if I had to encapsulate it in just a few words, it’d have to be this:

You can become whoever you want to be. Mastermind your own life and learn from the greats. Then use that to live your ideal life and change the world.

That’s all for now. Put it to use and comment and subscribe down below!

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