Beard Aesthetics: The King’s Guide on How to Grow a Beard

So you wanna know how to grow a beard, huh. Well this is the Best Damn Beard Growing Guide. Period. Bookmark it, refer back to it, and take notes. We’ll be covering everything from the basics of beard growing to tuning up the aesthetics and grooming to beard care and common pitfalls. Read along and cultivate your beard aesthetics to grow a beard like a KING.

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INTRO: History and Benefits of The Beard

beard srength aesthetics

Santa Claus. The Vikings. Jesus. Dumbledore. Good ‘ol Abe Lincoln. The Kings of the Middle Ages. Black Beard the Pirate. What do these gentlemen all have in common? You guessed it. The big, bad beard. (All right…that last one might’ve given it away…) Throughout history, the beard has been a symbol of masculinity, power, respect, wisdom, and overall pure, unconcentrated badassery. Naturally, yours truly rocks the beard as well (why else would I write this? I’m here to help y’all out!)

The benefits of beardom are vast: 

  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increased attraction
  • Distinguished look
  • More respect
  • Higher perceived intelligence
  • Increased comfort and trust

Given the above, every man at some point in his life owes it to himself to embrace that face fur & let it give its salutations to the world. The beard disappeared for a while in the last century, as clean shaven was the standard, but the beard has started to make its glorious comeback, and now more than ever men – both young and old – are setting out to grow their beards that nature gave them. 

beard aesthetics business

Beards are no longer the stigma they used to be. They’re even accepted and appreciated in higher echelon business environments

This is often easier said than done, however. On paper it sounds easy, right? Just put down the razor & let Father Time do his thing. But in practicality, it’s a much more tricky beast to tame. That’s why I’m here. To help you along in taking those first few steps in foreign territory towards brandishing that beard of yours & maximizing your potential. Are you reading to grow that beard like a king? Let’s embark on that quest towards beard aesthetics. 

Part 1: Beard Growing Fundamentals

So you wanna grow a beard and join the round table in the kingdom of beard aesthetics? Here’s the first things you’ve got to know.

Who’s your daddy?

While this is something that you will either love or despise, your beard growing capabilities are primarily determined by your genetics. Everything else is secondary to this fundamental truth. You can water and shine sun on the ground all you want, but if there’s no seeds in the soil, no plants can grow.

That’s not to say that all hope is lost, however. Always focus on your possibilities, not your limitations. Perhaps you have patchy cheeks but a strong chin & mustache area that would be perfect for a goatee. Perhaps your beard looks stringy and thin at longer lengths but dense and full when kept to a shorter, clean-cut stubble. Work with what you’ve got, and make it work for you. And there’s only one way to find out what you’ve got: make the decision to let it grow.

In almost every case, some sort of facial hair style (minus mustache-less Amish beards) can dramatically enhance a man’s appearance for the better.

beard aesthetic

Chicks dig beards, but you know what they dig even more? A man who’s doing his thing with no remorse. Regardless of whether you are capable of beard aesthetics, own your look with pride.

The only way you can know is if you try it out for yourself. Give yourself at least a month to see what you’re working with. By one month, you’ll have a good idea of what your potential is looking like. If, after giving it a fair shot, the results are rather lackluster, totally own the clean-shaven look or an alternative style. Get lean, and that jawline will pop and reveal a more chiseled, masculine facial structure. Maybe you aren’t meant for beard aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t still be aesthetically awesome. It’s just one piece of the puzzle. Work with it.

Give it time

beard aesthetics how to grow a beard

As I briefly touched upon in the previous point, the only way you’re going to know if you’re capable of beard aesthetics is if you commit to it and let that bad boy grow. When it comes to growing a beard, as with most things in life, you are your biggest enemy.

“A watched pot never boils…”

Looking in the mirror nonstop and crashing Google’s servers by rabid image searches of bearded brothers is not going to help the face fuzz grow any faster, my friend. Doing so briefly can keep your eye on the prize and offer support during your journey, but resist the temptation to let it create a mind monster that leads to you obsess and over-scrutinize your progress.

The mind is a funny thing at times. Seeing a small gap can drive you insane and possess you to pick up the razor and be done with it when if you had only given it another week or two, it would’ve filled in beautifully. Looking at the gifted genetic elite of beardness with thick, full density can cause you to question your own abilities and be discouraged with thoughts that you can’t obtain such a result. Don’t let it consume you. Whenever those thoughts arise, nod hello and let it pass. A simple self-reaffirmation of “I’m growing an awesome beard.” and then go about your day with a smile. We’ll keep you looking dapper on the road to beard aesthetics as you’ll later see, don’t worry.

beard dapper

Go about your business and keep doing you. You’ll have haters and naysayers your whole life.

It’s More than Just a Beard

Let’s take a moment to address an often overlooked aspect of growing a beard: It’s a complete change of how you and the world perceive your appearance. A beard is not just a little potted plant in the corner of your apartment. It becomes a part of you and your look that’s out there in the open 24/7. You’re not used to seeing yourself in this new way, and neither are your friends, family, and colleagues. Comments will surface. Good or bad, does it really matter?

Don’t identify yourself with your own self so much. You can go out to Times Square in a rainbow tutu & still be YOU. Of course, regardless of our internal state and beliefs, we are still out there navigating in a world where we are treated and judged on our appearance, so a bit of a balance must be reached, and that’s where Part 2 comes in:

Take Care of Your Body

It’d be a travesty for me to go any further in how to grow a beard and attain beard aesthetics without discussing the importance of fitness, health, and nutrition when it comes to beard growing. After all, here at Cave to King, fitness and health are critical pieces of maximizing your life to the fullest.

When it comes to growing a beard, there are a few things you should do (and should be doing anyways) in the fitness department to ensure you’re covered.

  • Ensure adequate shut-eye
  • Eat varied, nutritious foods for a wholesome, strong diet
  • Hit the iron
  • Have fun with the ladies
  • Avoid stress and seek out relaxation and enjoyment

You will find more about these around the site, and I invite you to take a look around the cave to access that knowledge. After all, what good is are beard aesthetics if the man behind it isn’t on point? It’s like a Lambo with a toy engine. Don’t be a scrawny, introverted hipster. Brandish that beard like a man KING.

beard asthetics

What about supplements..?

There are various supplements and magic potions pushed for growing a beard, but my stance on the matter is that if you take care of your physical development, rest, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors, that will only be a drag on your wallet that can never make up for the solid fundamentals and your genetic potential.

Part 2: BEARD AESTHETICS tune ups

grow beard how

Many beardsmen argue that you should just let it go and let it grow. Au naturale. Untouched. Nothing until full-on beardom is achieved. While they come from a good place with advice rooted in seeing what your true potential is and avoiding the risk of potentially ruining your progress and extending the process by constantly trimming and pruning, the fact of the matter is that this will discourage most honest efforts and make the process a never-ending purgatory of “are we there yet?” due to the social pressures and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance.

The beard is a work of art for your face that can dramatically alter your appearance by manipulating the variables of angles, shadow, shape, and so forth. That’s the whole idea behind beard aesthetics. We’re going to want to OPTIMIZE those factors, both during the growing phase and after the beard has already grown.

See below for a little mid-guide breather. Lazar is considered by many to be the leader in physique and beard aesthetics. We’ll come back to beard trims and lineups a bit later on in the King’s Guide on How to Grow a Beard. For now, enjoy a little beard and workout motivation.

Alleviating Awkward Phases

Here’s the honest truth: when growing a beard, there will likely be an awkward phase. Hair doesn’t grow at perfectly even rates in the same areas or across the various regions of your face (cheeks, neck, mustache, chin), and unless you’ve been gifted with great beard-growing genetics, you’ll be looking a bit odd for a few weeks until everything catches up and fills in. Beard aesthetics don’t come without at least a litttle patience. 

This can leave you looking like a hobo, and given that most men start growing a beard to enhance their appearance, it stands to reason that we’d like to diminish those growing pains to avoid scaring off people, hurting their business, and the like.

Additionally, for most younger guys, their mustaches are slow-growers while the cheeks go about their business as usual. Unless you’re preparing for your Wolverine Halloween debut, you’re probably going to want to avoid this.

How so? Do the following to stay on top of your beard aesthetics:

1. Grow it out for 2-3 weeks

At the one week mark, your stubble has come out to play, and you can begin to see the initial distribution of your beard as the follicles sprout. However, there are slow-growers that don’t surface or grow as quickly right away, so another week is typically needed to have a better representation of what’s going on.

Hair grows on average ~3-3.5mm per week, so at 2 weeks you’ll have significant enough shadow to where things are at or nearing that uncomfortable stage. You may begin to look a little unkempt and dirty, and the urge is strong to pick up the razor and be done with it. Don’t. We’ll spruce you up a bit per the next tip and get you some beard aesthetics while it grows out:

2. Keep the beard tidy and mighty

beard aesthetic tools

So you’re at 2 weeks and starting to sweat. Don’t fret. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • (Straight) razor

If you want a crispy, tight line that pops, a straight razor is the way to go. These are more economical over time than continually buying dispensable safety razors, and they’re a classic masculine tool reminiscent of the old style barber shops that are simply fun to wield and use once you get the hang of it.

Sure, you can get by with a trimmer or regular razor, but the results will not be as solid. What I do and recommend is to make your initial lines with a trimmer and then follow up for precision with the razor. 

Of course, with these you’ll be looking at shaving cream (with badger brush for super foaminess) or a shave gel to ensure a smooth, solid shave. A clear shave gel can allow you to see what you’re doing much better. 

  • Accurate beard trimmer with guard

We have a decent length now, and so we’re going to tidy things up a bit by evening things out in increments while still pushing for length over time. That clean cut, even beard like freshly cut grass is a key for beard aesthetics at a shorter level (longer levels will require scissor work primarily). That lush, dense look for beard aesthetics is going to be secured by virtue of good genetics and tight trims. 

This is where the accurate beard trimmer comes in. Ideally, go for a trimmer with millimeter settings. Trimmers with interchangeable guards have gaps of considerable length that may be too spaced apart to give us that consistent clean up that we’re after. You can get great ones from your local store for $30. No need to invest in fancy liners unless you’re serious about things. Start small and work up. Now let’s look at how. 

How to trim your beard during the growth process

Since hair grows at roughly 3mm per week, at the 2 week mark you can see how a 5 or 6mm setting on the beard trimmer looks on you. Hair doesn’t grow evenly, so you’ll have a situation with various peaks and valleys depending on the lengths of that particular hair follicle. 

beard growth

That itchy feeling for you and the prickly feeling for her will pass after the 2 week mark. Stay strong.

By evening things out a bit with a good trimmer periodically, the beard will look more dense and tidy throughout the growth process. This is a great look, and many men decide to keep things even and trim like this after just a few weeks as their go-to look. As you’ll see below in the next tip, a good suggestion is to keep the front (chin/mustache) a few millimeters longer than the sides.

  • Beard Blends

Depending on your hairstyle, you can either leave things all one length or opt to blend things into your sideburns with a fade technique and adjusting the trimmer settings down as you get closer to the “top” of your beard. Admittedly, this can be a bit tricky at the outset, but once you’ve got it down, it’s a great look if it goes with you and your style. In the hands of a good barber, they’ll handle this for you if you ask and make that transition pop. Besides, what good are beard aesthetics if it doesn’t match the hairstyle? 

  • Keep the sides of the beard shorter than the front (chin and mustache)

beard aesthetics grow beard like a kingKeeping more length in the front is a pleasant, powerful look for beard aesthetics that accentuates the face and draws the eye like a work of art.

Aesthetically speaking, by keeping the bulk of your beard in the front, the beard will look better. Weak sides and a strong front can still look great whereas a weak front and strong sides will look off-putting and goofy. As I said earlier, the mustache is typically a slower growing area, so as your beard develops, you can leave the mustache and chin region a few millimeters longer than the sides. Not to mention, the upper lip is angled, so you’ll need more length there anyways to produce the same visual effect that the sides produce growing straight down, all else held equal. 4-6 millimeters of contrast is plenty, although this is highly individual and can vary based on hair color, growth density, and face shapes.

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The variance in length will grow depending on how long your beard gets, as you may find that you end up with half an inch or more of contrast at longer beard levels to maintain that same visual effect.

What’s the best length for beard aesthetics?

The best length for beard aesthetics is going to be dependent on you as a whole – that is, your body, facial structure, hair colors, personality, and so forth, but nevertheless, see below for some guidelines I’ve seen in clients, myself, and experience in the world.

  • 2 weeks – 1 month: Heavy stubble. Good for strong jaws and lean, handsome faces. About 6-11mm
  • 1 – 2 months: Optimal beard aesthetics if your trim, genetics, and line ups are on point. 12mm-20mm. This is where I hover personally
  • 2 months +: Longer beard mode. If you have the guns and alpha ante to pull it off, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Generally speaking, the lighter your hair is, the more on the long side you want to say on to achieve the same look.

Lining Up the Beard

Shapes, lines, and so forth are what will make the beard aesthetics pop like no other. The same idea is reflected in art, architecture, and so forth. Let your face the blank canvas for your beard to take form on.

The beard line ups can either make or break your beard aesthetics and put a halt to your beard growing efforts if you mess it up.

After trimming things evenly a bit, you may notice that you’ll still be looking a little homely. The reason being, you may have some stragglers growing high up on your cheeks or low on your neck.

To secure proper beard aesthetics, sidestep this, and avoid looking like neckbeard werewolves or primates, we’re going to carve out a neck and cheek line with the trimmer and (optional) razor.  This step can be highly individual based on your growth pattern and the length/look you’re looking to achieve, but in nearly all cases, some sort of neck and cheek line will do you a lot of good. You can get away with no neck line or cheek line when you’re still in the stubble stages, but once the beard grows out more, it’ll look offputting like a caveman who needs to hit the barber. 

When in doubt, natural beats fabricated and forced. Less is more, just like texting girls. 

The trick here is to accentuate the natural shapes while giving it structure and balance and not to take things either too low or too high. This will not only look highly unnatural, but it’ll come back growing looking ugly and require lots of maintenance and upkeep to maintain the look. In the hands of a great barber with frequent trips, this is avoidable, but most guys don’t head to the barber every week, and great barbers with steady razor technique are hard to come by – although this is changing (hell yes!)

Neck Line

For the neck line, you want to place the line right where your neck meets your head. You place a crisp, clean line that gently curves around your neck from that initial center spot. From the front, it will look straight, but from the sides, you will see how it curves and creates a downward slope from your ear.

To hit that sweet spot, find your Adam’s apple. (I’m gonna safely assume no ladies out there are growing a beard). The sweet spot is about 2 finger widths above it.

beard neckline aesthetics

THIS is where the neckline goes.

Do not go too high! Better too low than too high. A frequent sight is guys with beards that place their neck line right at their jaw line. This looks comical and ridiculous, especially when they smile, turn their head, or raise their head. The only time this ever looks acceptable is with a chin strap beard due to the thinness of the beard on the sides.

Once you pass the 2 month mark or so, you’ll be able to ditch the neckline and let things grow naturally if you so desire to push your beard to that length.

Cheek Line

The cheek line is one of the most critical parts of the beard. Many opt for natural or as close to it as possible. My recommendation is to leave your cheek line as high as possible while still maintaining nice denseness and a solid shape. The angles will vary person to person, but having some sort of shape is a key point for beard aesthetics for a modern man. The optimal cheek line if you can manage is to run from the spot between the upper and bottom lip to the middle of the ear or thereabouts.

beard aesthetics how to grow a beard

This is a solid, clean beard line-up for beard aesthetics in a shorter style (2 weeks or so). You can see how the angle is natural and flowing. It’s lower than most, but this works for the look and provides a more aggressive, slimming appearance for the face.

For the cheek line, you want to find the highest point of density on your cheeks and then knock out any stragglers above that grow in any odd clusters or fly solo. Always ensure natural, clean lines. Curves are better than abrupt hard lines. Use your mirrors and ensure that both sides match closely. It’s rare for beards to be completely symmetrical, so don’t stress out, but do the best you can to ensure they match. Some symmetry is essential for beard aesthetics. 

A trimmer works just fine for establishing a neck and cheek line, however depending on the closeness of the trim, you may want a bit more of a tight line and eliminate any remaining stubble and will want to look at the precision a straight razor can offer. 

Don’t forget the mustache line up (maybe)

As an often overlooked component of lining things up, we have to take into consideration the mustache region. At the early stages of the beard-growing process, it’s most advisable to keep the bottom of the mustache trimmed to roughly the top of the lip. To do, this, simply remove all guards from the beard trimmer and trim a straight line of the mustache by following the natural outline of the top of your upper lip. Many beard trimmers come with an alternate attachment that is smaller and more precise, and it comes quite in handy here.

You can line up the upper portion of the mustache as well and even accentuate those portions to the side of it (I and many other men have natural light gaps to either side of the mustache before the beard.)

  • Be careful with your upper mustache line up!

A common trend to see is unnatural lining up of the upper region of the mustache. For those few stragglers above the dense region, this is A-ok and can make things pop, but knocking out half of the mustache can look a bit ugly when it grows back and leaves that stubble shadow – especially for darker haired guys. Not exactly a good look if you’re after beard aesthetics that’ll compliment your appearance. If you’re committed to lining yourself up often, this isn’t as much of an issue, but if you’re not, I’d advise you to let things grow naturally and do a less extreme line-up.

  • Handlebars and Sweeping Mustaches

As your beard grows and develops fully, you’ll have the option to be able to let the mustache out to play a bit more and gain some length. A beefier, buff mustache region can help add bulk to the beard and really round out that dense, sought-after look. For style points, you can even side-sweep the mustache and twist up some handlebars with a little mustache. 

Simply put, this looks awesome if you can pull it off, and this will give you a very gentlemanly, distinguished look that’s fun for the modern day. Beard aesthetics aren’t limited to shorter styles. Experiment!

Women love a well-groomed beard. Keep your mustache in check so she can kiss you unobstructed 😉

Beard line ups by the ear

Finally, you may wish to line up the edge of your beard by your ear. When the beard is shorter, this makes a clean, sharp look. When it’s longer, you may wish to ditch this line up portion altogether.

Essentially, you just want to use your trimmer (with optional smaller head attachment) to follow the natural curvature of your beard and make a nice, neat line. This can be done either by yourself at home using 2 mirrors (it’ll take you a while to get this down) or you can allow the barber to do it for you. Be very clear that you want natural, clean lines.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat until Beardom is achieved

Once you’ve got your tidying in order, all there’s left to do is like I said: Wait it out. You’ll gradually be growing it longer, the trimming will match, and you’ll be keeping it nice and clean as to maintain a handsome, put-together look along the way. By doing the above, you’ll ensure you’re looking dapper and proper the whole way-through.

aesthetics beard classy

Maybe when you’re kickin’ it on your own private island you’ll have the green light to go full on beard barbarian mode, but til then, keep the beard classy, gentlemen.

You’ve got to enjoy the journey. You’re not stranded off on a deserted island letting things go full on savage-mode away from civilization. You’ve still got a social life and work. The extra time is well worth it for a better enjoyment of the process. What’s the goal here? Ultimate length as fast as possible, or a neat, well-groomed addition to complement your appearance?Here’s a couple tips to help you out:

  • Clean up your lines 1-2x/week to remove the stubble growing back. Simply follow the first line you made to keep it looking tidy.
  • Move the trimmer up to adjust for the extra growth until you hit the desired length. If you trimmed with a 9mm this week, next week shoot for an 11 or 12 (hair growth is 3mm or so as you can recall)

Time is on your side. Let it rip! After about a month in, you’ll be rocking a pretty solid beard that’s graduated from the heavy stubble. 3 months is the go-to for a solid, sizeable beard, but I’d say go for what suits you best. Whether that be one month, 2, 3, or even 6. Beard it up.

Part 3: issues on the quest to beard aesthetics

how to grow a beard like a king

To get all of these components right, it will take self-study, practice, and ultimately – trial and error. Your first shot at beard aesthetics will likely not be a successful one (although with this guide your beard aesthetics chances are a helluva lot higher). Watch how-to videos, look at pictures, and do your best to replicate what you see.

1. Messing Up the Beard Trims/Line Ups

We’ve all been guilty of going too high on the neck, too low on the cheeks, or taking too much off, but rest assured – it will grow back. When it comes to neck and cheek lines, err on the side of taking off too little rather than too much. Approach with caution.

For minor slip ups, you can keep the beard bustling along in the growth process and letting things fill back in, but for big chunks taken off, things can look a bit dirty until it all catches up again. Don’t worry, though. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to abandon ship and start from scratch. If and when you do take off more than desired, my recommendation is the following:

  • Let things grow back for 1-2 weeks

In 1-2 weeks, the hairs that were knocked out will have a chance to come back without throwing off your look noticeably by producing a two-tone effect. During this period, you can still knock out the extreme outliers that are going to get trimmed away anyways inevitably.

  • Use the trimmer to level-set

During and after things have had a chance to grow back a bit, you can use the trimmer to level-set the length of the hairs such that the grow back process looks more natural and less drastic. Yes, you will sacrifice length to a small extent by doing this, but it’s well worth it in lieau of starting back at 0.

If nothing else, you can ditch the neck and cheeks and sport a bold goatee or mustache – which is a great look in its own right that you may enjoy.

2. Patchiness

beard aesthetics patchy beard

This is a patchy beard with different density distributions, but notice how by keeping it trimmed down, it still looks good. Also note the more natural neckline – demonstrating that at lower lengths it can be pulled off for a scruffy look.

So you’ve got a patchy beard…It happens, so don’t freak. Beard growth distribution is determinant by genetics, so let’s see what our options are.

  1. Shave it. If you’ve got the facial structure for it, ROCK IT. Women like a clean-shaven stud, too. Lean out.
  2. Go to shorter stubble. Trim your beard down to a shorter level where the patchiness isn’t as pronounced. Start longer and go shorter as desired. It’ll look better. Especially if you’ve got your line ups on point. (SEE PIC ABOVE)
  3. Opt for a goatee or mustache. As I said above, just because your beard isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you can’t have facial hair. A goatee and mustache aren’t common looks for most guys, so if you can pull it off, that’ll distinguish you and be your calling card.
  4. KEEP GROWING. Depending on your distribution of beard growth, you might just need a little more time to let things fill in.

Part 4: Maintenance of the Beard

beard aesthetics maintenance tools

Here’s some of my own beard maintenance products. Beard balms (various scents), mustache wax, and a nice boars bristle brush. If you have any recommendations or want me to try out your products, let me know. I’m always down to test out new products I love.

After having discussed the growth factors of genetics and time, as well as how to keep your beard looking tidy during the beard growth process, it’s time to look at some other components to ensure you have a smooth journey and leave with a stunning beard. Maintenance is crucial for optimal beard aesthetics. 

Use Beard Oil or Beard Balm

Most men who want to grow a beard cave and reach for the razor after the 1.5-2 weeks mark. Things get prickly, the itch kicks in, and it can be too much to bear. Beard aesthetics, say good bye. That stubble gets bothersome, and the only way out is to buckle down and make it through the storm until the beard gets longer, you get used to it over time, or shave it off again.

Fortunately, who’s to say we can’t use an umbrella while it’s storming? Our ace in the sleeve here is beard oil. Beard oil has been used for centuries, and for good reason. It works. Beard oil will moisturize the beard and the skin underneath. 

There’s some additional benefits, too. Beard oil will bring out the natural colors of your beard and give it that sheen and shine. Most commercial beard oils also have scented options, too, so you’ll get to enjoy the pleasing aromas throughout the day from your face forest. Mix this up based on your taste and the season. Fresh and zesty in the Spring, Bay rum and coconut in the summer, a little earthy and cinnamon in the Fall, and woodsy in the Winter. The ladies will take note and love you for it, too. Especially if you get it vibing well with your cologne. You’ll see 😉 

You can either buy beard oil or make your own like a mad scientist to customize your oil and the scents. 

beard aesthetics for colored beard

Beard aesthetics are not limited to dark hair colors. Also note how the beard offers a new variable to your style game. It contrasts with the shirt in a new, fresh way that wouldn’t otherwise occur if clean shaven.

As the beard gets longer, you can keep up the application of beard oil and/or introduce a little beard balm into the equation. Beard balm has many of the same benefits of beard oil with the added plus of taming any flyaway hairs and giving more shape to the beard as it gets long and thick. You’ll be working this in with your hands and a good brush/comb (see next)

Beard Brush/Beard Comb

When your beard gets longer, you’ll find that it needs to be combed nice and neat or you’ll walk around with bed face (like bedhead but for beards). Furthermore, to work in your beard oil and beard balm, a solid beard brush or comb will work wonders.

Opt for boar’s bristle brushes for your choice in beard brush. They distribute evenly and feel great, to boot.

Shampoo & condition

Beard is hair, too. It has feelings, dreams, and wait…I’m getting off track here. Beard hair is hair, and as such, it can benefit from a little shampoo and conditioner just like your head hair. Beard oil and beard balm will do a lot for this, but it’s not everything. 

There exist several products out there to shampoo and condition your beard that are made specifically for beards, so you can either opt for those or stick to your regular shampoos and conditioners – just make sure to check the ingredients and do your research. Most shampoos and conditioners can overly strip your hair of its oils and properties and leave you with unhealthy, frizzy hair – the likes of which you assuredly don’t want.

You don’t have to shampoo every day, but you may condition every day. Shampoo 1-3x per week tends to work for most guys out there.

beard shampoo conditioner

Go hit the iron, wash your brawny beard, and then catch some rays by the beach with your lady.

Enjoy your newfound beard aesthetics

Congratulations, comrade. You’ve followed all the steps, given it time, and now you see what you’re really capable of with your beard with all of its beard aesthetics to show the world. What’s next?

Settle Down With Your Beard (Or Nah)

Unless you’re pushing for Gandalf status or being a little more adventurous and going for a yeard or half yeard (letting your beard grow for a year or six months, respectively), there comes a time where you’re going to settle on the length that your beard-growing efforts has yielded and look to maintain and incorporate that into your look.

This is different for everyone, but the best thing to do here is to have fun with it and do what makes you feel best. You can seek sound advice from others you know, a trusted barber/stylist, or even online boards of beard brethren to help you out there.

Have fun with it

Think of all the new things you can do with your new beard. It’s a new part of you, and there’s much to experience and explore with it. Enjoy these moments.

  • New style and fashion opportunities
  • Daily grooming rituals
  • Holidays and special events. You’ll be the life of the party, and Halloween and Christmas will never be the same.
  • Ladies wanting to touch it to get a nugget of your power
  • Seasonal changes. The Fall beard. The Summer beard. The Winter beard.

the list goes on and on. Enjoy your beardom, King.

cave to king beard

The world is yours. Thanks for checking out The King’s Guide on How to Grow a Beard and attain some coveted beard aesthetics. Go forth and grow it! Let’s see how great it can look.

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how to grow a beard the right way

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