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Joseph Murci

Joseph Murci from Cave to King

I’ve worn many hats over the years. From being an international businessman who’s managed millions of dollars in assets and worked with several top companies around the world to working in the music industry to serving as a coach and trainer to athletes, fitness folk, and established professionals, you could say I’ve been around the block.

It’s hard to classify me. I just am that which I am. A man who made himself into who he wanted to be. And it’s neverending.

I’ve traveled far and wide, from the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean to the misty shores of Korea. I’ve excelled in martial arts and weaponry. I speak multiple languages and find pleasure in writing, drawing, creating, composing…The world is my playground, and from a young age I’ve been fascinated and obsessed with learning about everything around me.

I wanted to be the best. To optimize myself in every way. Mentally, physically, in my hobbies, in my career, in my life as a whole. That coupled with key moments in my life has led me here to create this website and go public to share myself with the world on a larger scale.

King of Cave to King

Here at Cave to King, I give you a peek into my world. I invite into the depths of my mind, and I do it all because I’m passionate about using my knowledge to equip my clients and readers with everything they need to live their dreams and live life to the fullest.

To work with me 1 on 1 and maximize your life, check out the various options here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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