How to Get Aesthetic Like a Greek God

AESTHETICS. The fitness world is buzzing with this word like a bumblebee on cocaine, preworkout, and lightning bolts from Zeus, and it’s the ultimate prize sought after by lifters around the world. There’s no surprise that physique is currency and get you far in this world, and the juicy benefits of lifting and getting aesthetic on their own are enough to send most chasing gains to get aesthetic.

  • Social proof
  • Respect
  • Power
  • Increased attraction
  • Boosted self confidence
  • Enhanced appearance – in and out of clothes.

Ok so needless to say I don’t need to sit here and rifle off all the reasons in explicit detail as to why looking like an Adonis is something that is worth going for. Whether you want to dominate the party, move towards optimum self-actualization and your life, or make your dating results soar, aesthetics are a good way to do that. No question.

It feels great to pursue my dreams and have the spotlight without saying a word. It feels great to work on my body and take it to its highest potential out of love for my existence and life. It feels great when girls stare. I still remember the first time a girl let out:

“You look like a Greek God or something…”

But how do you get aesthetic?

how to get aesthetic

Your time has come.


How to Get Aesthetic

1. Pick the right parents

Your parents are going to provide you with the genetic goodies that will enable your ascent to aesthetics. This is the raw material that is going to be utilized to build your physique. Genetics aren’t everything (and cut that weak shit about blaming them for why your physique sucks), but they DO provide you with that framework upon which you’ll build your body.

get aesthetic body

Picking the right parents works for girls, too.

Your genetics are going to determine:

  • Height
  • Muscle shapes
  • Joint widths
  • Base proportions of your frame
  • Response to training/nutrition*

If you consider your body a work of art (and it IS; it’s your temple that you’ll look after your whole life), then these are the base variables at your disposal that create the frame that you’re going to work off of with proper training and nutrition.

A taller guy will have a different journey than a shorter guy. Wider hips are going to have a different journey than narrow hips. Long arms will need different things for aesthetics than short arms. Some may grow easier. Some may get shredded easier. Everyone is dealt a different hand, but the important thing is to FOCUS ON YOUR POTENTIAL and use the tools of weights and nutrition to make the most of it. You can’t go back in time and alter your parents so ACT TODAY and BE THE BEST YOU.

2. Stack on Mass

get aesthetic gym

This is your dungeon and your kingdom. This is your refuge. Your sanctuary. Your laboratory. Your transformation chamber. To get aesthetic is to pay your dues here.

To get aesthetic, you’re going to need to add some size to your frame. How much and where are going to be determinant on your goal and what your momma gave ya, but hitting the iron is going to be a requirement to some degree or another.

We can get all kinds of detailed about this, but the fact of the matter remains that you’re going to have to:

Basics of Stacking Mass

  • Crush compound movements like the bench press, rows, squats, and deadlifts followed by accessory movements like lateral raises, calf raises, lunges, and so forth for a good while to build up your strength and size. These will by default add size where you want it and build solid pecs, arms, legs, and back. If you wanna get big as a natural you’re going to need to get strong. Forget the fufu bullshit and facebook workout routines. Stick to minimalism. Focus on the basics. Build up all of these lifts and you’ll grow. LOVE THAT GRIND.
  • Rest hard and take care of your body. Sleep, foam roll, massage, ensure great posture. You’ve got be running on all cylinders and proper alignment like the fine machine you are.
  • Eat properly for gaining size to bolster your weight training efforts. Get enough calories. Consume enough protein. You’ll need it to build the empire that is your physique.

If you don’t know how to properly optimize these factors to gain strength and clean size, explore the site or reach out to me to get a workout/nutrition plan or personal coaching.

How long to Gain Enough Size?

GOOD NEWS IS: If you lift properly, you will achieve the majority of the gains you need to get aesthetic within 2-3 years. This will likely include some periods of cutting down to keep bodyfat in check and enjoy the process of how you look while you’re getting aesthetic, but this can be greatly mitigated by proper nutrition. But again note. I said proper. Most out there are NOT doing things properly or in any way optimally. Find out how.

What About the Proportions to Get Aesthetic?

To get aesthetic, proportions are important, but not as much as you think during your foundational phase. By hitting your compounds and accessories like you should, you’ll be making progress everywhere. Chest will grow, delts will grow, legs will grow, arms will grow, and so on. It is highly unlikely you will have blaring deficiencies anywhere if you follow a proper program and track your progress along the way, but if you do, you can specialize (see Point 4).

Aesthetics are more of a function of your default frame filled out by using a proper, well rounded training program and some specialization/fine tuning for the details than anything else.

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, but before you’ve got a base, it’s just armchair theory. And if you do get there, you probably won’t even be stressing it.

I’ll probably write an article on this in the future for those who want the details, but for now, hit the weights and fill out your frame everywhere. Gains take time.

***For those of you out there starting off in a situation in which you are overweight and going through a gaining phase would be unwise, then you can start off by shredding down a bit first (see next step). That doesn’t mean you don’t lift – you should start because you can still get gains while losing weight as a newbie – but your dietary focus is going to be a bit different for a while until you’re at a more reasonable bodyfat level.

3. Shred down

aesthetic greek god fitness food

Once you’ve added the size to your frame by lifting hard and chasing gains for enough time, you’re going to have an appreciable amount of size on your frame. However, this doesn’t come without a price, and you will have likely gained some bodyfat as well that is obscuring the masterpiece that is your physique.

To get aesthetic and display your physique in all its glory – complete with definition and separation of the various muscle groups, you’re going to shred down and diet to cut the bodyfat. Do this right, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Do it wrong, and you’ll hate life and lose those gains you worked so hard for.

You don’t have to take this down to paper-thin skin levels, but if you did your job right while stacking mass, you’ll be looking golden if you get down to a legitimate 10% bodyfat. You can take it lower, but for lifestyle purposes, 7-10% bodyfat for men is great for aesthetics when you’ve got the size behind you.

If you need assistance with shredding down, contact me here.

get esthetic

You are well on your way, young King…but you still need the finishing touches…

4. Specialize and work the details

Although hitting your compounds and following a good base training program with solid nutrition will build a solid body, you may find that after cutting down you still have more potential in the tank to get aesthetic and refine the physique. It’s rare that someone can achieve their goal look with slapping on enough size and getting lean. You need to delicately add on more size and chip away to form the ultimate body like a master sculptor.

  • You may want your delts to be more capped.
  • You may need to grow those calves.
  • Your hamstrings may need a bit more work (I bet they do)

As an artist and physique architect, you will begin to see the points on your physique that need to be worked on (or reduced a bit) to achieve the optimal physique and get aesthetic.

The golden age of bodybuilding was the peak of aesthetics. The bodybuilders were like real life – carved marble. We lost that in the 90s and ’00s, but aesthetics are making a comeback. See below for some old school bodybuilding motivation:

The good bodybuilders have the same mind … that a sculptor has. If you analyze it, you look in the mirror and you say, okay, I need a bit more deltoids … so that the proportion’s right, and … you exercise and put those deltoids on, whereas an artist would just slap on some clay on each side.


This is where specialization comes in.

First let’s be crystal clear. You have no business trying to specialize until you’ve built a solid base via compound movements over time. It simply makes zero sense to specialize if you don’t have the muscle to appreciate where you need to balance more in the first place.

how to become aesthetic

bbbut I need to specialize for my tricepsss! YOU FOOL! YOU BENCH 135!

When you specialize, your focus is going to be on maintaining what you’ve built while giving a bit more emphasis to the body parts that you are trying to bring up to round out your optimal physique and get aesthetic. These are the finishing touches. The final touches of the paint brush on your creationalthough your body is ever-changing and kaizen is a way of life. You only specialize once you are nearing your peak and already have a respectable physique.

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After You Get Aesthetic

how to get aesthetic

Don’t keep this baby in the garage

Of course, the journey doesn’t stop after you get aesthetic. What good are aesthetics if you don’t know how to use them? It’s like buying a sports car and keeping it in the garage. It’s like giving a 3 year old the keys to the Bugatti. You need to learn how to wield those aesthetics like a skilled swordsman after you get aesthetic or else you’re not going to get that ROI you wanted and end up crashing that beautiful whip.

  1. Style Game – dress to complement that aesthetic physique. Fabrics, colors, fits. Groom yourself dapper. Get a beard, get a fresh cut. Smell great. Rock accessories. Bad style and appearance can negate and hide your aesthetics. You don’t have to go all out, but rocking solid fashion is a must if you’re fit to showcase your best to the world.
  2. Social Game – to get aesthetic doesn’t mean good social skills or pull game in dating. It can help, but it won’t make up for lack of social prowess. An aesthetic physique is a solid social boost, but it can all be for nothing if you’re shy, beta, and weak with others. You can’t hide behind your screen forever.
  3. Mental Aesthetics (is that a thing? It is now.) – Cool. You’ve got an aesthetic physique. But how’s your mind? What about your interests, passions, and so on? Get aesthetic mentally too.
how to get asthetic

Present your best package to the world and be the best you can be on all fronts. THAT’S Cave to King.

You’ll learn more about all of those things and more here at Cave to King. Dive in.

If you need help on how to get aesthetic and getting your gains, shredding down, and working on social skills, style, dating, or whatever else, you can get look at your options here and reach out to me for personal training/coaching.

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Now go get aesthetic.

how to get aesthetic

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