Flex Your Free Will: Switch Up Your Life!

Free will is what makes us human. It offers the capacity for love and conscious choice. Yet look around and you see a world of conformity and stifled individuality. Victims and automatons…How boring and lifeless is that? Whenever you feel yourself slipping into conformity and going with the common crowds, utilize your power of choice to rattle the cage a bit and add that new spark to life for yourself and others. Dare to be different. Flex your free will.

To get the ball rolling…

  • Set your alarm clock to 6:27 instead of 6:30.
  • Take a different route to work…to the gym…to the store
  • Eat with your opposite hand or try out different utensils
  • Listen to music from an entirely different language
  • Cut or comb your hair a different way
  • Walk on the left instead of the right
  • Ride your skateboard instead of walking
  • Party on a Wednesday
  • Pick up the phone and call instead of text
  • Have beer for breakfast
  • Or don’t have it at all.
  • Have pancakes for dinner
  • Send a voice note instead of a text
  • Honk and wave at randoms
  • Change careers
  • Change cities
  • Pay with cash instead of cards when you’re out
  • Grow a beard. Or shave it off
  • Schedule date night for a Tuesday
  • Jam heavy metal and trap music at 6am
  • Answer the door in a pimp robe and halloween mask when your disgruntled neighbors knock on your door for waking them up
  • Spark up conversations with strangers
  • Hit legs on a Monday. The Chest-day police won’t come for you
  • Take a spontaneous trip
  • Howl like a wolf
  • Do surprises for others
  • Try out new styles – trendy or not. Make them your own. Make them trendy
  • You’re a bar type? Go to the club instead.
  • Say no. Don’t succumb to and appease others. Say it with me…no!

LIfe is full of options. Life is full of opportunity.

Cultivate the habit of venturing outside of the norm. Just for the hell of it. Just ‘cuz you can. FLEX YOUR FREE WILL. It’s your God-given right. You feel that little sensation of joy and dirtiness when you flip the script and switch things up? That’s beautiful.

Have fun. Be spontaneous. Take risks. Step outside of the your comfort zone. Think outside the box. Be free. Your life will take a boost. Just watch.

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