Don’t Be a Kamikaze Pilot

In World War II, there was a group of Japanese pilots who would deliberately crash their planes into enemy ships to inflict as much damage as possible known as the Kamikaze. Yes – you read that right – they were suicide pilots who would #yolo their way into a brutal death for the bigger cause of the war. 

Many have called this noble, brave, and honorable. Others call kamikaze strategy inefficient madness. What do you think? (POLL CLOSED BY ROYAL DECREE)

kamikaze poll

The poll results are in!!! Here’s how you fared:

99.9% in favor of No! Wow.

the 0.01% was a ghost.

Living like a Kamikaze

Be that what it may, many people out there are living their lives like a kamikaze pilot by riding things out til the bitter end and crashing when they should have ejected a long time ago to float away to bigger and better things. They cling to the outcome, invest deeply, and then get burned.

When you see that things aren’t going well and you’re not feeling it, learn to EJECT. Don’t condemn yourself to the cockpit and hope that you’ll survive or somehow be a better person for the crash when you could’ve hit that eject button instead. Cut your losses and learn from them. You don’t have to be a martyr. 

dont kamikaze

Yes, you’re the captain of your own ship of life, but this isn’t the Titanic. Unless drowning is your hobby, when you hit that iceberg, BAIL.

Don’t be a kamikaze pilot.

  • If you’re in the middle of a date and she turns out to be a total nutcase, excuse yourself and dip.
  • If you’re in the middle of a movie and it sucks, put something else on.
  • If a song sucks, don’t hope it’ll become great in the last minute. Hit next.
  • If you don’t like the book, then don’t barrel through ‘til the end. Scan it. Skip around. Toss it and get a new one.
  • If you’re in the midst of a relationship and you see some major red flags, EJECT before it’s too late (and check yourself for next time before getting involved or you’re gonna wreck yourself)
  • If your job is torture, don’t stick around for the paycheck. Fire your boss and get a better job that resonates with you , your talents, and your life goals better.
  • If you’re at a bar and it’s lame, then hop your way to another one.

Life is meant to be fun and enjoyed. Sure, bad times come, but let those happen on their own. Life doesn’t need you doing these things to yourself when there’s another way. Take conscious control of your life and design it to your liking. Besides, life is too short to be spent doing something you’re not really into.

Note: A little turbulence isn’t cause to eject just yet…but when you see you’re heading somewhere unfavorable, pull back.


The key to all of this is being free and unattached enough to disconnect on a moment’s notice. It’s a lot easier not to go kamikaze when you have a nice eject button and a parachute.

  • Have options, not obligations
  • Don’t create dependencies – physical or mental/emotional
  • Don’t invest too much nor too soon (time, energy, effort)
  • Learn to relate yourself with things to be unattached and let things flow

and of course…ensure you have a safety net underneath you always just in case. Life is a quilt of various parts, so focus on building a great life with varying interests and build these priorities properly. A strong support network behind you with friends and family is also key.

You need to reconnect with your inner child and go play with building blocks if the dinosaurs get boring. You need to turn around if you see trouble at the end of the street. Much of this will come from experience over time, but you also need to learn how to trust your gut. It’s right more than you think.

Knowing what you want and walking away when it doesn’t sync is critical in life because if you’re don’t, you’re putting at jeopardy your time, energy, quality of life, and emotion.

Live to fly another day. Don’t be a kamikaze pilot.

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