Is This Going to Be in Your Biography?

I’m always running around with some sort of beneficial content flowing through my eyes or ears. This is how I constantly stay on track and expand my knowledge. It serves as an anchor that keeps me grounded and in perpetual growth.

One of my favorite ways to do this is through podcasts. The other day I was fresh-dressed feeling like a million bucks and stopping for some java with my 007 earpiece in listening to a favorite podcast from mine broadcasted out of Spain from a guy named Sergio Fernandez, and I came across a little nugget of awesomeness as the episode transpired that I really dug and wanted to expand upon and share with you all here.  Continue reading


Alive But Not Living

The natural human way is to take the path of least resistance. To seek pleasure & avoid pain. To do what is easiest. What everyone else does. What’s safe and normal.

Look around you, and the world is overflowing with mediocrity & below. People mool about like zombies, mindlessly living a life of complacency and custom – distinct individuals but indistinguishable one from the other. No energy. No passion. No direction. No soul.

They’re alive but not living.

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