What Cell from Dragon Ball Z Can Teach You About Success

Who says you can’t learn from cartoons? You can learn from anything if you keep an open mind. Dragonball Z was a favorite TV show of mine growing up, and for those of you aware out there, Cell was one of the major villains the Z fighters had to face. What can Cell from DBZ teach you about success and being awesome in life? Read on and find out. Continue reading


The Midas Mindset

Let’s face it. Life doesn’t always give us what we want at the time. Disasters, break ups, injuries, sickness, losing loved ones, mistakes, mishaps. All of these are a part of life. Rather than let this bring us down and stagnate us, what do we do about this? We need to change the way we view such things.

How so? Follow on and I’ll tell you about what I’ve termed The Midas Mindset. Continue reading

Where’s Waldo?

Growing up in elementary school, during reading time one of my favorite things to do was grab a Where’s Waldo book off of the shelf and pass the time looking for that oddly dressed fellow amongst wild, wacky locations. One page he might be in the circus. The next, he’s at the beach. Apparently, Waldo is a Wizard because he even springs up in different time periods – from the castles of the Middle Ages to the battles of the Ancient Eras. Now what does this have to do with anything??  Continue reading


Goldilocks Syndrome: The Reason Why You Get No Results

Pretty much everyone out there is familiar with the childhood tale of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. An entitled little girl who snuck into the cabin of a family of beasts, tasting their meals and jumping in their beds for a nice afternoon nap. Keeping Up with the Kardashians has some golden-haired competition, eh?  “This porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. This porridge is just right!” said Goldilocks. “This bed is too hard. This bed is too soft. This bed is juuuuust right!” Now lemme ask you…  Continue reading


Boss Mentality

So there you are, devilishly dapper and sipping cocktails at a rooftop lounge on a perfect Summer night. The music is bumping, you’ve striked up a conversation with a gorgeous girl in a spectacular satin dress, and things are vibing to perfection. As the dialogue progresses, soon enough she asks the common question: “Who do you work for?” Game and social convention aside, there can be but only one answer you truly believe in:  Continue reading