Beard Aesthetics: The King’s Guide on How to Grow a Beard

So you wanna know how to grow a beard, huh. Well this is the Best Damn Beard Growing Guide. Period. Bookmark it, refer back to it, and take notes. We’ll be covering everything from the basics of beard growing to tuning up the aesthetics and grooming to beard care and common pitfalls. Read along and cultivate your beard aesthetics to grow a beard like a KING.

CONTEST ALERT! Hidden in this post is a trivia question. If you get it right, you’ll be entered to win at random a personalized meal and workout plan, free of charge. Happy late Easter, everybody.

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How Dressed Up Should You Be?

I’m happy to see a bunch of guys taking a more active interest in dressing dapper. There’s certainly a masculine fashion revival going on, and more and more men are looking to optimize their style game from the business world to their social lives. A common question that comes up with these guys is:

“How dressed up should I be? I look and feel great, but I think I’m just too overdressed compared to the other people…”

With appearances saying a lot without a word, this is a very valid question. What’s the answer?  Continue reading