Flex Your Free Will: Switch Up Your Life!

Free will is what makes us human. It offers the capacity for love and conscious choice. Yet look around and you see a world of conformity and stifled individuality. Victims and automatons…How boring and lifeless is that? Whenever you feel yourself slipping into conformity and going with the common crowds, utilize your power of choice to rattle the cage a bit and add that new spark to life for yourself and others. Dare to be different. Flex your free will.

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Be Ignorant

“You just live in your own little world!”

Haha. Yea, I do. Thank you very much.

I love being ignorant (Lord help me if I ever run for public office now). And you should too. The things we expose ourselves to mold us and construct our reality, so distancing ourselves from much of what’s buzzing around out and being ignorant is a great thing to do. Let’s dive in a bit more. Continue reading