How to Get Aesthetic Like a Greek God

AESTHETICS. The fitness world is buzzing with this word like a bumblebee on cocaine, preworkout, and lightning bolts from Zeus, and it’s the ultimate prize sought after by lifters around the world. There’s no surprise that physique is currency and get you far in this world, and the juicy benefits of lifting and getting aesthetic on their own are enough to send most chasing gains to get aesthetic. Continue reading


How to Maintain Muscle While Cutting

One of the biggest frustrations for people wanting to lean out and get ripped is having to deal with muscle loss. They go into the diet with good intentions, but they just can’t seem to maintain muscle or strength once things get moving along. This is a major reason that most people never reach the promised land of leanness. You toil away in the gym all Winter to get big and mighty only to find that your gains slip between your fingers like grains of sand once you get closer to your goal of being cut and lean.

maintain muscle joseph murci

I regularly retain and even gain strength while cutting.

The question then becomes:

How do I maintain muscle and strength when dieting?  Continue reading


Biggest Cutting Diet Myths That Need to Die

Welcome to the World of Fitness, where everything is made up and the facts don’t matter! Today, we’re going to dive into the kingdom of cutting diet myths.

It’s shredding season, and that means the cutting diet advice is out in full force. Too bad much of it is nothing but myth. Read on, and let’s dispel a lot of those myths so that you can get lean and sport that ripped physique you’ve always dreamed of.

The lies stop here. This is my kingdom, and we’re dragging those myths to the royal guillotine. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Start Lifting Weights

Every afternoon after school was a sacred ritual. I would kick off my shoes, grab a snack, and sit on the sofa mesmerized watching my favorite shows: Dragonball Z, Batman: The Animated Series, and other anime.

Childhood inspiration

I looked at their physiques and strength and knew that’s what I wanted to achieve. I had grown up seeing my dad lifting weights on the rusty, makeshift home gym outside on the patio and getting up at the crack of dawn to go on runs to stay fit for the military, and under his guidance, I got my first glimpse at the world of training and physical development.

I’ve now been training for many years. For strength, for aesthetics, for martial arts, for sports, to correct injury, for health and for well-being. Along the way, I’ve seen firsthand the power of lifting weights in our lives. It has certainly changed mine, and I have witnessed time and time again how it has helped the countless individuals I’ve worked with transform their bodies and lives as well.

I may have started out in my quest to go Super Saiyan, but what are the real great reasons to start lifting? Continue reading

Unacceptable Cutting Mistakes

Ah yes, the bitter, cloudy winter skies have dissipated and Spring time Shred Season is in full bloom, with the warm embrace of Summer soon to follow. This is prime time for lifters coming out of a Winter gaining phase and looking to polish their physiques and get lean to show off some shreds with the newfound mass acquired. That means some cutting is going to take place. There’s plenty of mishaps out there when it comes to fitness, but make sure you don’t commit these top 3 mistakes on your quest to shredded aesthetics, or your cut will only cut your confidence and all you’ve toiled for all winter.  Continue reading