3 Quick and Easy Alpha Body Language Fixes

Everyone has this erroneous idea of alpha meaning you drive a ‘Rarri and bang 20 foreign women every second. No no no no no no. Alpha is a state of being, first and foremost. It is who you are, which is later translated into thoughts, actions, and habits – which then can result in nice things, but those nice things are not the requirement to be alpha.

One of these actions and habits is body language. It’s no secret that body language is highly indicative of the inner state of a person and says a lot about you. As such, we can optimize our body language and over time reprogram our thought patterns and who we are as well as using it to communicate a great deal to the outside world without a single word.

And that thought:action progression is not a one way street. Actions impact thoughts and vice versa. Here are 3 quick and easy alpha body language fixes that you can – and should – begin implementing right away. Continue reading