How to Maintain Muscle While Cutting

One of the biggest frustrations for people wanting to lean out and get ripped is having to deal with muscle loss. They go into the diet with good intentions, but they just can’t seem to maintain muscle or strength once things get moving along. This is a major reason that most people never reach the promised land of leanness. You toil away in the gym all Winter to get big and mighty only to find that your gains slip between your fingers like grains of sand once you get closer to your goal of being cut and lean.

maintain muscle joseph murci

I regularly retain and even gain strength while cutting.

The question then becomes:

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Be Ignorant

“You just live in your own little world!”

Haha. Yea, I do. Thank you very much.

I love being ignorant (Lord help me if I ever run for public office now). And you should too. The things we expose ourselves to mold us and construct our reality, so distancing ourselves from much of what’s buzzing around out and being ignorant is a great thing to do. Let’s dive in a bit more. Continue reading


Alive But Not Living

The natural human way is to take the path of least resistance. To seek pleasure & avoid pain. To do what is easiest. What everyone else does. What’s safe and normal.

Look around you, and the world is overflowing with mediocrity & below. People mool about like zombies, mindlessly living a life of complacency and custom – distinct individuals but indistinguishable one from the other. No energy. No passion. No direction. No soul.

They’re alive but not living.

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Biggest Cutting Diet Myths That Need to Die

Welcome to the World of Fitness, where everything is made up and the facts don’t matter! Today, we’re going to dive into the kingdom of cutting diet myths.

It’s shredding season, and that means the cutting diet advice is out in full force. Too bad much of it is nothing but myth. Read on, and let’s dispel a lot of those myths so that you can get lean and sport that ripped physique you’ve always dreamed of.

The lies stop here. This is my kingdom, and we’re dragging those myths to the royal guillotine. Continue reading


Get Like the Sun

Good morning and #HAPPYMONDAY from here in the depths of the Cave, folks. Whip up some java and get motivated, ‘cuz it’s another day to be alive and make some moves. This post is custom-built to supercharge your day and give you a new method of living and interacting with others that’ll pay dividends now and forever to come. Without further ado, let’s get it!

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The Midas Mindset

Let’s face it. Life doesn’t always give us what we want at the time. Disasters, break ups, injuries, sickness, losing loved ones, mistakes, mishaps. All of these are a part of life. Rather than let this bring us down and stagnate us, what do we do about this? We need to change the way we view such things.

How so? Follow on and I’ll tell you about what I’ve termed The Midas Mindset. Continue reading

3 Quick and Easy Alpha Body Language Fixes

Everyone has this erroneous idea of alpha meaning you drive a ‘Rarri and bang 20 foreign women every second. No no no no no no. Alpha is a state of being, first and foremost. It is who you are, which is later translated into thoughts, actions, and habits – which then can result in nice things, but those nice things are not the requirement to be alpha.

One of these actions and habits is body language. It’s no secret that body language is highly indicative of the inner state of a person and says a lot about you. As such, we can optimize our body language and over time reprogram our thought patterns and who we are as well as using it to communicate a great deal to the outside world without a single word.

And that thought:action progression is not a one way street. Actions impact thoughts and vice versa. Here are 3 quick and easy alpha body language fixes that you can – and should – begin implementing right away. Continue reading