3 Quick and Easy Alpha Body Language Fixes

Everyone has this erroneous idea of alpha meaning you drive a ‘Rarri and bang 20 foreign women every second. No no no no no no. Alpha is a state of being, first and foremost. It is who you are, which is later translated into thoughts, actions, and habits – which then can result in nice things, but those nice things are not the requirement to be alpha.

One of these actions and habits is body language. It’s no secret that body language is highly indicative of the inner state of a person and says a lot about you. As such, we can optimize our body language and over time reprogram our thought patterns and who we are as well as using it to communicate a great deal to the outside world without a single word.

And that thought:action progression is not a one way street. Actions impact thoughts and vice versa. Here are 3 quick and easy alpha body language fixes that you can – and should – begin implementing right away. Continue reading

How Dressed Up Should You Be?

I’m happy to see a bunch of guys taking a more active interest in dressing dapper. There’s certainly a masculine fashion revival going on, and more and more men are looking to optimize their style game from the business world to their social lives. A common question that comes up with these guys is:

“How dressed up should I be? I look and feel great, but I think I’m just too overdressed compared to the other people…”

With appearances saying a lot without a word, this is a very valid question. What’s the answer?  Continue reading

5 Reasons to Start Lifting Weights

Every afternoon after school was a sacred ritual. I would kick off my shoes, grab a snack, and sit on the sofa mesmerized watching my favorite shows: Dragonball Z, Batman: The Animated Series, and other anime.

Childhood inspiration

I looked at their physiques and strength and knew that’s what I wanted to achieve. I had grown up seeing my dad lifting weights on the rusty, makeshift home gym outside on the patio and getting up at the crack of dawn to go on runs to stay fit for the military, and under his guidance, I got my first glimpse at the world of training and physical development.

I’ve now been training for many years. For strength, for aesthetics, for martial arts, for sports, to correct injury, for health and for well-being. Along the way, I’ve seen firsthand the power of lifting weights in our lives. It has certainly changed mine, and I have witnessed time and time again how it has helped the countless individuals I’ve worked with transform their bodies and lives as well.

I may have started out in my quest to go Super Saiyan, but what are the real great reasons to start lifting? Continue reading

Where’s Waldo?

Growing up in elementary school, during reading time one of my favorite things to do was grab a Where’s Waldo book off of the shelf and pass the time looking for that oddly dressed fellow amongst wild, wacky locations. One page he might be in the circus. The next, he’s at the beach. Apparently, Waldo is a Wizard because he even springs up in different time periods – from the castles of the Middle Ages to the battles of the Ancient Eras. Now what does this have to do with anything??  Continue reading


Goldilocks Syndrome: The Reason Why You Get No Results

Pretty much everyone out there is familiar with the childhood tale of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. An entitled little girl who snuck into the cabin of a family of beasts, tasting their meals and jumping in their beds for a nice afternoon nap. Keeping Up with the Kardashians has some golden-haired competition, eh?  “This porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. This porridge is just right!” said Goldilocks. “This bed is too hard. This bed is too soft. This bed is juuuuust right!” Now lemme ask you…  Continue reading


Boss Mentality

So there you are, devilishly dapper and sipping cocktails at a rooftop lounge on a perfect Summer night. The music is bumping, you’ve striked up a conversation with a gorgeous girl in a spectacular satin dress, and things are vibing to perfection. As the dialogue progresses, soon enough she asks the common question: “Who do you work for?” Game and social convention aside, there can be but only one answer you truly believe in:  Continue reading

Unacceptable Cutting Mistakes

Ah yes, the bitter, cloudy winter skies have dissipated and Spring time Shred Season is in full bloom, with the warm embrace of Summer soon to follow. This is prime time for lifters coming out of a Winter gaining phase and looking to polish their physiques and get lean to show off some shreds with the newfound mass acquired. That means some cutting is going to take place. There’s plenty of mishaps out there when it comes to fitness, but make sure you don’t commit these top 3 mistakes on your quest to shredded aesthetics, or your cut will only cut your confidence and all you’ve toiled for all winter.  Continue reading