10 Things Girls Hate About Guys They Date

Much of getting good with girls is simply not making rookie mistakes. A relationship is like physics…you give the ball a good push to get it rolling, but how long it goes is dependent on the surface and how much friction or obstacles are in the way. In dating, that friction can come from doing the list below of 10 Things Girls Hate.

A lot of guys hurt themselves by creating terrible surfaces and throwing obstacles in the way with their mistakes, and since a girl won’t tell she hates it or teach you what you’re doing wrong until the attraction is dead and she’s already gone (she’ll tell you by her actions), most guys simply keep making the same mistakes and blaming the girl or trying to compensate by stacking more cash, getting ripped, or any of a whole slew of other lubricants for that surface that don’t fix the underlying root problem that obstructs the ball from a nice long journey.

things girls hate dating guys

yeah, dating does seem like this sometimes huh

With that being said, to put you in the right direction and help you correct some of the behavioral mistakes being made, here’s a list of 10 thing girls hate about guys so that you can correct your game and make for better interactions, relationships, and all that jazz with some lovely ladies. And by the way, correcting these will make your LIFE better, so it’s not just about the girls. It never was and it never should be. Let’s make the world a better place for you and for her, shall we?

  1. Neediness

  • No, she does not need to text you 316 times a day to show you she likes you.
  • No, you do not need to see each other all day every day.
  • No, she doesn’t have to shower you with praise and compliments and gifts and affection

Look, man. Being with a beautiful woman is one helluvan experience. But don’t let that appreciation of the good times turn into an addiction, need, or priority. It’ll ruin your life and your chances with that girl, so you lose no matter how you slice it AND she loses if you’re a good guy who can upgrade her who’s just running bad game by being needy.

Examples of needy displays:

  • Texting too much/fast/often
  • Wanting to see her too long/frequently
  • Showing signs too early of her value and worth in your life before it’s earned

There’s many more, but you get the jist of it. You don’t want to show it’s such a huge deal to you (because it shouldn’t be). I’ll write a post specifically on neediness antidotes, because this is the #1 problem I see out there.

Never fall into the trap of depending on another person for your sense of fulfillment, good feelings, and satisfaction. That needs to come from you and your life already. You’re setting yourself up for attachment and the cycle of pain, lack of priority importance, and  associated with that dependency if you don’t get yourself in check.

You don’t need a girlfriend. You need a better life. A relationship is the cherry on top, not the cake itself. Get your expectations in order and temper yourself. Match your actions and investment to the real importance of what this means in your life. Girls hate and are extremely turned off when guys are needy, and you need to hate it even more for robbing you of your self-love and life quest. Be distant but constant. There’s a certain rhythm to have.

  1. Controlling

Where you at! Who are you with?Why didn’t you text me? Don’t do this that jka;gkd

Both girls and guys are guilty of this and it would drive anyone insane. Don’t be controlling.

Control is rooted in fear of loss. There are certain standards to be set in a relationship, but micromanaging communicates fear and sense of inadequacy. That’s a complete attraction killer for women. If you’re a prize and living your life chasing goals and dreams, what are you afraid of? Trying to compulsively control another person will only drive them away.

Respect that the other person has free will. You can only do what you can do, and what you can do can only raise the probability of success, not guarantee it. So relax and let them be. Whatever they do is their choice. Don’t take it personal.

Your girl should not be like Jenga. Even if they do leave, you should not be making the other person such a staple in your life that everything comes crashing down without them. The best relationships are ones of mutual desire.

Girls playing Jenga for things girls hate on the site Cave to King by Joseph Murci to demonstrate how a girl should not be the focus of your life

“Let me screw this guys life up right quick!”
Don’t let that be you.

Enjoy your moments together. Treasure them. But keep your eye on the bigger picture. Whether they come or go, you’re golden.

  1. Indecision

Where do you wanna eat?

Idk where do YOU want to eat?

Idk…where do youuu wanna eat?

Don’t ever do this. Or anything like this for that matter. You hate it. Girls hate it. No one wins and you’re wasting time while you’re at it. Know what you want and go for it. Even if it’s not the optimal thing, it’s leagues better than idk.

Don’t fall into Goldilocks Syndrome. Take the plunge and make things work.

Always speak from a position of authority as if you knew this was solid and the best course of action. Be confident in your words and actions. Which reminds me…

  1. Lack of confidence

When you know what want, do you pick up your spear and go get it? Or do you fiddle around and half ass things hoping that maybe somehow possibly perhaps idk?

  • When you’re out in public, do you walk with purpose and surefootedness?
  • When you kiss your girl, do you go for it or awkwardly stare waiting for something to happen?

Be outgoing and sure of yourself – even if the odds are stacked against you. At best, you win. At not as best but still pretty damn good, you build character by picking yourself back up and learn from the experience. Girls hate when guys aren’t confident. They despise it. Every woman wants to feel like she has a man. A boss. A leader. A rock that is unwavering that she can feed off of in her own life. You’re that source of light that everyone benefits from.

Walk through life with pride. Love yourself. Love what you do. The rest will spring forth and create your irresistible aura. And you know what? When your confidence is on point, the world has a way of making things happen for you, even if that confidence isn’t justified. The aura is magical.

cavetoking king being confident since girls hate unconfidence women hate when you aren't sure of yourself

Don’t forget the king you are.

  1. Predictability

Remember when you were little and got the cheat codes to your fav video game?

It was badass! …for a few days. Then you got bored and uninterested because there was no longer any challenge involved. With girls, the same thing happens.

There’s fun in the chase. There’s excitement in the unknown. You provide that spark to their day. Give them the opportunity to figure you out. Don’t reveal everything right off the bat. Girls hate knowing everything – even if they say otherwise. It’s stimulating and entertaining to do mental gymnastics figuring out that guy they like. Leave a little mystery and intrigue. It raises your perceived value and makes the relationship more engaging and stimulating for you both.

Mix things up. Keep her guessing. Be spontaneous. Surprise her. Both with flowers and fake spiders in her chair.

  1. No ambition

Life is lovely and meant to be lived. With this gift you’ve been bestowed, you have the potential to create your own history and accomplish great things.

Women love to stand behind and support a man in pursuit of his dream. What lights that fire in you? What gets up you up and grooving every morning? If you said your alarm clock, you failed.

If you make your girl the center of your world, she won’t be yours much longer. Pursue your passions and work for something bigger. She’s along for the ride, and you’ve always got to be ready to walk away if she stands in the way of your bigger purpose.

  1. Sloppiness

Whenever I’m out on the town, I always facepalm upon seeing how some guys go out. Baggy clothes, messy hair, and an overall look like they just got out of bed. Is that how you want to display your most prized possession to the world?

Hit the gym. Dress well. Take care of yourself. Your body is your temple. Treat it as such.

This isn’t even about “impressing women”. It’s about taking pride in your appearance for the work of art it is. People drool over sports cars but forget they have the most magnificent machine in the Universe at their disposal 24/7.

man dressed dapper girls hate sloppiness

That’s more like it.

  1. Approval seeking

Are you acting like a limp tailed dog trying to earn a pat on the head or doing your own thing with your fingers to the sky?

Know yourself. Know your goals. Know your desires. Do you. Be you – fully. Irrespective of what anyone has to say on the matter. It’s your life, and while there’s a certain balance to strike to get results out there, at the end of the day, it’s all about YOU, Inc.

You may lose many women this way, and many may try to tempt you otherwise, but the ones who stay are going to be your ride or dies and you’ll be 10 steps closer to your dream with a clearer mind, better relationship, and less stress, to boot.

  1. Not a leader

Girls love to follow the lead of a strong man. To feel cared for, protected, safe, and to feel the confidence dripping off of you that’s ever so contagious.

Don’t expect for her to direct the course of things in a relationship. That’s on you, bud. You have to lead things to where you want them to go. If she has a problem with it, she’ll let you know.

Think about it. Man has made skyscrapers and sent men to the moon. Launched military campaigns and pioneered the sciences, yet you don’t know how to lead your girl?

women hate when you dont lead. be a leader

Have a plan – even if that plan is “I’m going to do what I feel in the moment with confidence.” Have your logistics on lock. Be firm and strong. Lead, lead, lead. Through your actions, through your body language, through the subconscious signals…

Examples of Leading

  • Walk a bit ahead with her slightly behind you
  • Hold her hand with yours “on top”
  • Be decisive (See point 3)
  • Set the pace of the relationship by managing your rhythm and exposure properly (more on that in future posts)

There is little more frustrating for a woman than to have a guy who doesn’t know what he wants or is too afraid to do it and take her along for the ride. Girls hate having to call all the shots for her man. Let her be a woman. Direct her. Make her yours. Take action and lead.

  1. Emotional

Girls are emotional enough as it is. They sit and talk about feelings and gossip with their friends at brunch all the time. They do not need more from you. It’ll drive them away.

When you’re with a girl, leave your stress and problems at the door. They are not your therapist, and you are definitely not theirs. Discuss them with your mastermind group or mentors. You need to be her anchor that she can latch onto for stability when the whirlwind of life is whipping her around. You’re what grounds her. Stick to your frame.

There is a time and place for opening up emotionally, but only after the relationship has progressed to that proper point of investment, and when it does, don’t stay stuck on that note.

Your default frame of mind for dealing with the opposite sex needs to be having a good time and enjoying your moments together.

Life is hard enough as it is. Be her oasis in the desert. Be the highlight of her day.

Got More Things Girls Hate?

cavetoking things girls hate article man and woman underwater sexy

Good now go have fun and live life with that lucky lady you sunuvaguns

This is a list of the top 10 things girls hate when dating guys but there are many others. What else do you find that girls hate? And for the female readers out there, nod in approval and contribute your thoughts as well.

Stay tuned for more juicy content and as always, don’t forget to share, comment and subscribe to Cave to King.

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